You’ve written a book, and have poured everything you have into it for the last two, three, or five years. You haven’t shown it to a soul. None of your friends know you’ve done it, you won’t allow your significant other to read it. But there it sits, collecting dust. Maybe you’ve written before, maybe you never have, either way you know you need another pair of eyes, a qualified pair of eyes.

Or you’ve started a book, and need someone to guide you through not only the writing process, but revising it, getting it printed, and self-publishing it.

Or maybe you want to start speechwriting, or you want to start a newsletter, or you just want someone that will look at some letters, or application-required writing, or even some e-mails.

Everything that is written must be edited. It can mean the difference between getting published and not getting published, selling a few copies to friends and family and selling a few thousand to loyal readers. And most importantly, it means getting your words across–which is the reason we all write.